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Merrie Monarch traffic 03-25-10

Hawaii Police Department
Traffic Services Section
Sergeant Kelly Ka’aumoana-Matsumoto
Phone: 961-2305
March 25, 2010

Media Release

In conjunction with the annual Merrie Monarch Festival, there will be a temporary one-way traffic pattern on Kalanikoa Street in Hilo.

Traffic will be allowed to flow in the Puna or southerly direction on Kalanikoa Street between Kuawa Street and Pi’ilani Street during the festival. The one-way traffic pattern will be in effect daily from 12 p.m. (noon) Wednesday, April 7, through 1 a.m. Sunday, April 11.

Right turns only will be allowed on Kalanikoa Street for all entries to ingress and egress the Ho’olulu Complex.

Traffic will not be allowed to turn left (easterly direction) onto Pi’ilani Street from Kalanikoa Street.  Traffic will only be allowed to turn right (westerly direction) on Pi’ilani Street to egress Kalanikoa Street.

Regular two-way traffic will remain in effect on Manono, Kuawa and Pi’ilani Streets.

After the festival is over, traffic will be allowed to flow in its normal two-way pattern.