Gated Communities

Gated communities on the island of Hawaiʻi are encouraged to install radio-controlled gate openers that will provide law enforcement with immediate access inside the gates during times of emergency.

Once a community installs the system, police officers will be able to open the locked gate with their police radios. This technology allows for immediate access by police personnel during an emergency, while continuing to provide security and prevent unauthorized access by non-residents of the gated community.

Each community association that wishes to participate will be responsible for purchasing, installing, programming, maintaining and repairing the radio-controlled gate system.

To participate in this program, a gated community association must provide the association by-laws or corporate resolution that designates a contact person as an authorized representative to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Police Department. The Memorandum of Understanding sets forth the responsibilities of both the gated community and the Police Department with respect to the radio-controlled access system. You may download a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding using these links:

Participation by gated communities in this program is strictly voluntary. The Police Department will continue its practice of not storing keys and/or recording individual combination lock numbers for gated communities.

For more information, please contact the police commander in the district where your gated community is located. To find your police commander, go to our Police Stations page.