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The Hawaiʻi Isle Police Activities League, or HI-PAL, program provides social and athletic activities for youths of Hawaiʻi Island between the ages of 5-17 without duplicating activities provided by the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation

The objectives of HI-PAL are to:

  • provide recreation for the youth who neither belongs to nor is affiliated with any similar organization.
  • develop a friendly relationship between youths and police officers.
  • cultivate and improve moral and civic standards for youths in our community.

The purpose of HI-PAL is to:

  • foster the spirit of loyalty and faith in American tradition.
  • promote and safeguard our youths.
  • promote a spirit of sportsmanship, benevolence, friendship, sociability, goodwill and tolerance.
  • provide a safe meeting place for youths along with promoting their common interests.


HI-PAL comes under the jurisdiction of each district commander, whose patrol and community police officers, with community member assistance, provide positive activities for youths that teach moral and social values, such as sportsmanship, fair play, respect for authority, self discipline and the benefits of hard work, all while having fun. HI-PAL also reaches out to youths who are considered “at risk” due to economic, geographical or social situations.