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33 Police Recruits Graduate 06/26/00

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JUNE 26, 2000


The Hawaii County Police Department welcomed 33 new police officers into its ranks Friday (June 23, 2000).

The 33 were members of the 58th Police Recruit Class, who graduated during luncheon ceremonies held at the Nani Mau Gardens in Hilo. The members of this class hold the distinction of being the first police graduates in the new millennium and of being the largest police recruit class in the department’s history.

The new officers will be assigned to veteran police officers around the island and will undergo another three and a half months of field training. After that, they will be assigned to the various police districts around the island.

Friday’s graduates are: Clarence M. Acob, Nelson M. Acob, Richard P. Arias, Mark J. Arnold, Sharlotte T. Bird, James A. Cameros, Eric N. Cerezo, Matthew K. Chang, Chris G. Correia, Michael W. Corum, Caroldeen N. Freitas, Len E. Fujinaka, Robert Y. Fujitake Jr., Kenneth K. Ishii, John K. M. Kahalioumi, Aaron K. Kaleo, Lawrence W. Mahuna, Van M. Medeiros, Randy W. Morris, Emerson Paranada, Robert P. Pauole, Brian D. Prudencio, Robert D. K. Pule, Kirk G. Roark, Dion C. Santiago, Neil T. Shiroma, Kimo A. Siemann, Denise M. Smith, Robert T. H. K. Stewart, Grant K. Todd, Amacias Valdez Jr., Sony A. Villesca, and DuWayne K. Waipa.

Officers of the recruit class were Kaleo, president; Correia, vice president; and Todd, secretary-treasurer.

Cerezo was named as the outstanding recruit; Freitas won the academic award; Paranada won the physical fitness award; Morris earned the firearm award; Arias was recognized for keeping the best notebook; and Siemann earned the instructors award.

Trainers for the graduating recruits were Sergeant Jay N. Enanoria and Officers Wayne Hisashima and Dexter Veriato.

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