Active shooter presentation in N. Kohla on Aug. 26 08-07-14

Hawaiʻi Police Department
North Kohala District
Captain Albert Jason Cortez
Phone: 889-6540


Media Release

The Hawaiʻi Police Department will make an “active shooter” presentation during an afternoon meeting in North Kohala on August 26.

The presentation will take place  from 12 noon to 2 p.m. at the old courthouse across from the North Kohala police station.

It is designed to help individuals increase their survivability should they encounter an active shooter or other type of active violent incident.

Police will provide information on previous incidents of mass violence, recent events, best practices for those caught in such situations, law enforcement’s response, and how to work together as a community toward prevention. They will also provide additional resources for participants so they can continue their education on this topic, followed by a question-and answer segment.

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