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Check Scams 10-30-06

PHONE: 961-2214
OCTOBER 30, 2006


Big Island police are warning the public to be leery of mail telling them they have won large sums of money.

A Hilo woman received a letter claiming to be from the British Lotto Commission. It said the woman had won $165,000. The letter contained a check for $1,980, telling her to deposit it in her bank account to pay for tax and a “clearance fee.”

A Pahoa woman received a letter claiming to be from the Pacific Investment Corporation Ltd. It contained a check for $3,998.78 and said she had won half of a $150,000 “consolation prize.” The letter advised her not to deposit the check until she called the corporations’ office to “authorize payment and confirm your identification.”

Both letters were scams aimed at gathering information about the recipients’ bank accounts.

Sergeant Richard Miyamoto warns members of the public to check with their banks before depositing suspicious checks. He also advises residents not to fall for fraudulent letters claiming they have won a prize. “If you didn’t enter, you cannot win,” he said.

Miyamoto asks anyone who receives a similar scam letter to call him at 961-2213.

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