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Cover trash 02-22-11

Hawai’i Police Department
Community Policing
Officer Nicole Leyson
Phone: 961-2212
February 22, 2011

Media Release

The Hawai’i Police Department is reminding the public that while transporting cargo on any highway, your load must be covered. Most of the litter on or near our roadways is not intentionally thrown but, rather, blown out of open-bed pickup trucks, often those heading for transfer stations or rubbish dumps.

Here are some tips to secure your loads.

  • Do not rely on the weight of items to keep them in your truck. Bumps, turns and sudden stops can dislodge even heavy items like furniture, tools and equipment.
  • Secure all trash and cargo with a strong tarp or cargo netting.
  • If you often throw small trash in the back of your truck, secure a bucket with a lid in the corner of the bed, and use it as a trash can.

Working together we can all make a difference to preserve the land for future generations.