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Electronic Control Device 11-21-07

Hawaii Police Department
Office of the Chief
Deputy Chief Harry Kubojiri
Phone: 961-2244
November 21, 2007

(See larger photo) Taser electronic control device
…informational meetings about the device are scheduled for the public

Media Release

The Hawaii Police Department will conduct informational meetings about the Taser electronic control device at public meetings beginning next week.

The Taser electronic control device is a tool police can use when non-lethal force is necessary to subdue a suspect. Across the country, electronic control devices have significantly reduced injuries to officers and suspects and have drastically cut the number of officer-involved shootings.

When deployed, the device propels two stainless steel probes attached to 21 feet of copper wire approximately the diameter of fishing line. This results in temporary neuromuscular incapacitation, giving officers time to handcuff a suspect who was actively resisting arrest or posing a threat to police or innocent bystanders. Afterward, there is no residual pain or other effect.

Hawaii County police officers began electronic control device training this month. By the end of November, 225 Police Department personnel from patrol lieutenants and below will have undergone the eight-hour training sessions, which include a review of the Police Department’s policies and procedures on the use of force. The goal is for all sworn personnel to be trained and equipped with the devices.

Members of the public are invited to attend electronic control device informational meetings that will include a demonstration of the device and time for questions and answers. The meetings will take place on the following dates at the following locations from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.:

Meetings in other parts of the island are planned but have not yet been scheduled.