Moped laws 06-30-14

Hawaiʻi Police Department
Puna District
Captain Samuel Jelsma
Phone: 965-2716
Report No. C14017005


Media Release

Hawaiʻi Island police are reminding the public about laws pertaining to the use of mopeds on county and state highways:

  • Every person operating a moped on a roadway shall be granted all the rights as any other motor vehicle. If a moped is traveling at less than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction, it shall ride as far right on the roadway as practicable.
  • Where provided, and not prohibited, mopeds drivers shall use the bicycle lane.
  • A moped rider when coming to an intersection will occupy the designated lane specific to its intended movement and has the same rights as any other motor vehicle in that lane.
  • Eyewear is required when operating a moped.
  •  A Hawaiʻi State driver’s license is required. No person under 15 years of age is permitted to operate a moped on a state highway or public property.
  •  When several mopeds are riding on the roadway together, they will travel in a single file.
  •  No passengers are allowed on a moped, with the exception of a 3-wheeled moped designed to seat a passenger.

Motorist are advised to share the road with mopeds particularly on Route 130, also known as the Keaʻau-Pāhoa Highway, which is currently undergoing road construction/improvements extending from the Keaʻau Transfer Station to Shower Drive.     

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