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Phone scam 10-09-08

Hawaii Police Department
Criminal Investigations Section
Lieutenant Mitchell Kanehailua
Phone: 961-2252
October 09, 2008

Media Release

The Hawaii Police Department is warning the public about a possible cell phone scam.

A Hilo resident received a call on his cell phone on Thursday morning (October 9) from a man claiming to represent “General Warranty Services.” The caller stated the extended warranty on the Hilo resident’s car was expiring and needed to be renewed. The Hilo resident asked the caller what car this was for. The caller could not give an answer.

The caller then told the Hilo resident that he would extend the warranty on all the cars he owned up until 123,000 miles, but he needed to pay $2,999. The caller asked for the man’s pin number and bank account. The caller further stated a rebate for $500 dollars would be forwarded to the Hilo resident.

Police caution the public not to respond to suspicious telephone calls, especially any requesting personal or financial information. Automobile warranty information should be confirmed through the auto dealer or manufacturer of your vehicle.