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Police on Heightened Alert Because of FBI Warnings 10-30-01

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OCTOBER 30, 2001


The Hawaii County Police Department has been placed on heightened alert as a result of warnings by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that possible additional terrorist attacks may be imminent.

The FBI’s national headquarters has issued the following warning to its regional offices: “Certain new information, while not specific as to target, gives us reason to believe that there may be additional terrorists attacks within the United States and against U.S. interests overseas over the next week. We urge you to be on your highest alert and to immediately notify the FBI of any unusual or suspicious activity.”

Police Chief James S. Correa said Tuesday (October 30, 2001) that because of the warning, all Big Island police commands have been advised to be on heightened alert.

“The Hawaii County Police Department has been on various heightened security levels for sometime now since the September 11 terrorist attacks,” Correa said.

“The new warning from the FBI has been circulated among all police personnel, and although the FBI office in Honolulu continues to report there is no specific information on possible targets in Hawaii, our police officers have been notified to be on special alert.

“We also encourage members of the public to be on guard and to report any highly suspicious activity they may witness.”

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller said Monday that although the FBI has no more specific information, they regard the information they have now as serious enough to issue warnings to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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