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Police remind public about bicycle helmet law 04-24-06

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APRIL 24, 2006


The Traffic Services Section of the Hawaii Police Department is reminding the public that state law requires bicycle riders under age 16 to wear a helmet.

“This law pertains to anyone operating a bicycle on a street, bikeway or any other public property,” said Sergeant Dexter Veriato, head of the Traffic Services Section. “This law is intended to prevent serious injuries to children due to crashes and falls.”

The bicycle helmet law, which also applies to rented bicycles, covers anyone occupying a restraining seat attached to a bicycle, or riding in a trailer towed by the bicycle, as well.

The fine for not wearing a helmet under age 16 is $55. By law, the child’s parent or legal guardian is liable for payment.

Police officers who observe children not wearing a bicycle helmet on public roads and streets may issue citations to operators or parents.

In recent months, police have also responded to a number of injuries to children operating or riding on ATVs. “If you are going to allow your children to ride or operate an ATV or bicycle, make sure that they wear a properly fitted and approved helmet,” Veriato said. “Remember that operating an ATV on any public road or street is prohibited by Law.”

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