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Police to continue holiday efforts against drunk driving 08-22-05

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AUGUST 22, 2005


Big Island police say they will continue their stepped-up efforts to enforce laws prohibiting driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs through the Labor Day weekend.

In addition, plainclothes officers will be out to enforce laws against underage drinking.

The Labor Day weekend extends from Saturday, September 3, through Monday, September 5, 2005.

Sergeant Dexter Veriato, head of the Traffic Services Section said police are continuing their enforcement efforts to help make this year’s Labor Day weekend a safe one.

Police will continue increased DUI checkpoints in order to cut down on impaired driving during the holiday, Veriato said. Officers will also continue with increased roving patrols to check seatbelt use and cut down on speeding.

To combat underage drunk driving, Veriato said police will pay special attention to parks and out-of-the-way places where young people congregate during vacation or school holidays.

“We have stepped up our enforcement efforts throughout the holiday season in order to prevent needless injury and death,” Veriato said. “Alcohol-related fatalities are up by 63 percent on the Big Island.”

Last week, Big Island police arrested 24 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, bringing the total number of DUI arrests so far this year to 686.

In addition, there have been 1,340 citations issued for failure to wear seatbelts and 6,014 issued for speeding, Veriato said.

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