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Police Web Site 04/23/99

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APRIL 23, 1999


The Hawaii County Police Department has developed its own Internet World Wide Web site, Police Chief Wayne Carvalho announced Friday (April 23, 1999).

The site will be used to distribute news releases and other information to the general public as well as to the news media, Carvalho said.

“The web site represents another method of broadening our efforts to communicate more directly with the public,” the chief said.

“We’ve been continually working to develop better communications, both directly with the public and through the news media, and involve the community more directly in the fight against crime.

“Our Internet site will allow us to disseminate information directly to Big Island residents and the public at large.”

“We intend to update our web site continually as soon as we issue news releases,” he said. “The difference is that breaking police news will be available not only to the news media, but to the general public at large.”

Carvalho noted that the department has started out “small” with only a limited amount of information uploaded to the web site so far. As time passes, he said, the site will expand in complexity as well as in the amount of information available.

The chief invited the public to log on to the web site and offer feedback on how to improve it. The web site address is www.hawaiipolice.com.

So far, the site includes news releases written since March 1999; telephone numbers used to contact various divisions, sections and patrol districts; web pages explaining various police programs and operations; a department organizational chart; and a police activities calendar.

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