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Riding bicycles on downtown sidewalks illegal 06-13-02

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JUNE 13, 2002


Police are reminding bicyclists that it’s illegal to ride bicycles on the sidewalks of the downtown Hilo business district.

It is also illegal to ride skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, coasters or similar devices in the downtown area.

Police have issued the reminder after receiving numerous complaints from residents and downtown Hilo businesses about bicyclists and skateboarders.

Section 291C-148(b) of the Hawaii Revised Statutes states that “bicycle riding shall be prohibited on sidewalks in business districts.”

Violators are subject to a fine of up to $200 for conviction of a first offense; up to $300 for conviction of a second offense within a year of the first offense; and up to $500 for conviction of a third offense within a year of the first offense.

Section 24-4(b)(1) of the Hawaii County Code also makes it illegal to ride a coaster, roller skates, roller blades, skateboard or similar device “within the downtown Hilo commercial area bounded by the Wailuku River on the west; Hilo Bay on the north; twenty feet east of the eastern most boundary of Ponahawai Street … on the east; and twenty feet south of the southernmost boundary of Kapiolani and Kaiulani Streets on the south.”

Section 24-4.1 states that violators of the prohibition can be fined up to $25 for a first conviction, up to $50 for a second conviction and up to $75 for a third or subsequent conviction. It also states that upon a third conviction, the court shall order the confiscation of the offender’s skateboard, roller skates and the like.

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