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Unmarked police vehicles to detect high risk drivers 02-22-06

PHONE: 961-2332
FEBRUARY 22, 2006

Photo of unmarked police vehicle front view
Photo of unmarked police vehicle rear view
UNMARKED POLICE SUBSIDIZED VEHICLE – Front view of unmarked police vehicle (right), rear view of unmarked police vehicle (left). The unmarked vehicle to be utilized to detect high risk drivers.


The Hawaii Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit would like to notify the public of a test and evaluation of an unmarked police subsidized vehicle equipped with an emergency lighting system.

The unmarked vehicle will not have a blue light on the roof of the vehicle, but will have LED blue lights above the rearview mirror, in the grille of the vehicle and on the rear deck of the vehicle. The vehicle will also be equipped with strobe lights in the headlights and taillights of the vehicle.

“The purpose of this test is to detect high risk drivers, for example, impaired drivers, speeders, reckless drivers, drivers who overtake in no passing zones and drivers who pass on the right.”, according to Sgt. Christopher Gali, head of the Traffic Enforcement Unit.

The test vehicle will be a Ford Crown Victoria and police are reminding motorists that they must yield to an emergency vehicle. The officer will be in full uniform and will at times work in conjunction with a marked police vehicle.

Any media organization who wishes to view the unmarked police vehicle is asked to call Sgt. Gali at 961-2332.

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