Accessibility Policy

Thank you for visiting the Hawaiʻi Police Department’s website. This website is provided as a public service. In an effort to reach the broadest base of the public, the Hawaiʻi Police Department will strive to design its web pages to facilitate access to persons with disabilities wherever practical and feasible.

We will make every effort to incorporate the following features where possible and practical into new material added to the web site:

  1. The top of each page with navigation links shall have a “skip navigation” link.
  2. Web pages shall be designed so visitors may change the font size.
  3. Web pages shall be designed so that information required for navigation and meaning is not dependent upon specific colors.
  4. Background colors shall be limited.
  5. Web pages shall be designed so that information required for meaning is not dependent upon sounds.
  6. Links shall have a text description that can be read by a screen reader.
  7. Photographs, graphics and other images on the website shall have HTML tags with text equivalents of the material being visually conveyed.
  8. Documents posted on our website in PDF format shall be also available in a text-based format.
  9. A text summary will be provided for multimedia presentations.

In addition, as time permits, the Hawaiʻi Police Department will review web pages that were designed and implemented in the past. Retroactive modification to these pages under the above guidelines will be made where possible and practical.

As a convenience to our visitors, we may provide links from within our web site to other web sites where related information may be found that may be of interest. If you link to any of these external web sites, please be aware that these sites may not be designed with accessibility features in mind and may not follow the specific accessibility features that the Hawaiʻi Police Department has adopted. Links to external sites are provided solely at the discretion of the Hawaiʻi Police Department and may be revised at any time.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on accessibility issues. You may e-mail our feedback page or call the webmaster at (808) 961-8875.

For additional information, see our privacy statement.