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Speeding tickets 03-25-08

Hawaii Police Department
Traffic Services Section
Sergeant Kelly Kaaumoana-Matsumoto
Phone: 961-2305
March 25, 2008

Media Release

Big Island police have issued 1,818 speeding tickets so far this year as they continue their crackdown on speeding motorists. Sergeant Kelly Kaaumoana-Matsumoto, head of the Traffic Services Section, said police will increase speed checkpoints island wide.

"The crackdown on speeding is aimed at saving lives," Kaaumoana-Matsumoto said. She noted that of the 33 fatal accidents recorded in 2007, 21 of them—or 64 percent—were attributed fully or partially to speeding.

"Motorists should be aware that police officers will be on the lookout for speeders," Kaaumoana-Matsumoto said. "We hope this increased enforcement of speed limits will cause motorists to think twice about speeding."

Kaaumoana-Matsumoto offered this advice to motorists: "Be aware of speed limits and plan ahead to give yourselves enough time to get to your destination safely."