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Three arrested in North Kohala ‘ice’ bust 12-02-04

PHONE: 326-4646, EXT. 226
DECEMBER 2, 2004


With help from the West Hawaii Vice Section, North Kohala patrol officers arrested three persons Sunday (November 29, 2004) for drug offenses after the patrol officers observed a suspicious car in Kokoiki, North Kohala.

While on routine patrol in an area known to be frequented by “ice” dealers in cars, the officers spotted a white four-door sedan occupied by two males and a female. Suspecting that a drug transaction had occurred, officers obtained consent from the driver, a 25-year-old female, to search the interior of the car.

During the search, officers recovered a green Ziploc packet containing a crystalline substance. A field test conducted on the substance indicated that it was crystal methamphetamine, or “ice.”

After arresting the occupants, police recovered a black backpack. And with the help of vice officers, the patrol officers obtained a search warrant and recovered another 5.3 grams of a crystal substance, 1.3 grams of dried marijuana, two scales, assorted mini Ziploc packets and a straw funnel.

After consulting with the Kona Prosecutor’s Office, police released the three suspects — a 36-year-old male, a 29-year-old male and the female driver — pending further investigation.

“These arrests would not have been possible without the proactive response to suspicious activity by the North Kohala patrol officers, especially Officer Denise Smith,” said Lieutenant Mitchell Kanehailua, head of the West Hawaii Vice Section.

“Officer Smith’s additional work resulted in the interruption of an ice deal, apprehension of suspects and recovery of evidence.”

Kanehailua said that anyone who wants to report drug activity in West Hawaii can call the West Hawaii Ice Hotline at 329-ZERO-ICE (329-0423). For response by patrol officers to suspicious vehicles, residents may call the police non-emergency number at 935-3311, he said.

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