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02-18-15 Police urge safety at roadside vigils

Hawaiʻi Police Department
Kona Patrol
Lieutenant Nancy Haitsuka
Phone: 326-4646, Ext. 249


Media Release

Hawaiʻi Island police are urging the public to be aware of hazardous conditions at roadside memorials.

Nighttime vigils are particularly dangerous because of limited visibility by passing motorists, who might not see mourners or their parked vehicles until the last minute. Participants are encouraged to limit vigils to daytime hours.

Visitors to roadside memorials should be alert to the close proximity of moving vehicles and should park their own vehicles safely out of the way of passing traffic. Motorists are asked to exercise extra caution in the vicinity of roadside memorials.

While the Police Department understands that roadside memorials can be part of the grieving process, we encourage everyone to exercise caution and common sense to avoid any additional tragedy.