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09-05-19 Daniel K. Inouye Highway traffic enforcement (Update)

Hawaiʻi Police Department
Area I Operations
Major Samuel Jelsma
Phone: (808) 961-2341



Media Release

Police assigned to be in place for the TMT protestor blockade and encampment on Mauna Kea access road continued the stepped up traffic enforcement efforts on Daniel K. Inouye Highway (Route 200) which began on August 15, 2019. 

The continuing efforts of police during the new weeklong period covering last Thursday (August 29) to date has resulted in the issuance of an additional 566 traffic citations and 3 suspects arrested for 5 offenses.  The 566 citations were categorized as follows:

Speeding (281)
Excessive Speeding (1)
Seatbelt (25)
Child Restraint (4)
Cellular Phone/Electronic device (12)
Tint (10)
No Driver’s License (25)
No Insurance (30)
Unsafe vehicle (19)
Other moving violation (8)
No License plate (12)
Regulatory (137)
Parking (2)

The 5 arrested offenses were categorized as follows:

Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants (2)
Contempt warrants (3)

The combined total of the 3-week long Daniel K. Inouye Highway enhanced traffic enforcement efforts by Hawaii Police Department stands at 1806 citations issued and 19 persons arrested for 34 offenses.   The effort will continue for the duration of the ongoing protest situation to promote the safety of motorist and pedestrians alike.