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12-11-15 Reminder: Police offer Kuleana Hotline to report warning signs of possible harm

Hawaiʻi Police Department
Criminal Intelligence Unit
Detective Tod Bello
Phone: 961-2248


Media Release

In light of recent tragedies on the mainland, Hawaiʻi Island police are reminding the public that individuals may call the “Kuleana Hotline” to report warning signs that could lead to possible harm against the community.

The Kuleana Hotline is not a substitute for 9-1-1 calls. In an emergency, always call 9-1-1.

The Kuleana Hotline is designed to prevent tragic events in public places, including schools, restaurants and other locations where members of our community gather.

Unlike Crime Stoppers, to which citizens may report information about a specific crime, the Kuleana Hotline is an avenue for reporting something that may not be criminal yet but has the potential to turn disastrous if not prevented.

Many tragedies committed by individuals or organized groups have been preceded by warning signs. We as a community are responsible for notifying the police if we see or hear anything that has the potential to turn into a malicious act.

For example:

Your tip could help authorities intervene before those warning signs develop into a crime or tragedy.

The number for the Kuleana Hotline is 961-2219.

The Kuleana Hotline is not manned around the clock but it allows for callers to provide information by leaving voice mail messages. Callers who prefer not to leave callback information are asked to provide enough details to allow police to follow up on the lead. Calls are not recorded and the line has no caller ID.

“Kuleana” is the Hawaiian word for “responsibility.” The significance of the hotline’s name is that we are all neighbors living on this island together, and we are all responsible for preventing acts of terror or mass injury.

Together, we can work to protect our community from destructive acts.