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Hāmākua/North Hilo Community Meeting (revised) 10-04-10

Hawai’i Police Department
Hāmākua/North Hilo Districts
Captain Mitchell Kanehailua
Phone: 775-7533
October 4, 2010

Media Release (revised—adds an email address in 5th paragraph)

The Hawai’i Police Department will hold a community meeting on Thursday, October 14, from 12-2 p.m. at the North Hawai’i Education and Research Center (NHERC).

The purpose of the meeting is to allow the public to meet the Police Department’s command staff and to discuss concerns with the police chief and commanders who oversee police operations in the Hāmākua and North Hilo Districts.

This event continues the district community meetings, which are rotated monthly throughout the eight police districts on the Big Island.

To aid police commanders in focusing on specific concerns, police request that participation be limited to persons who live or work in the Hāmākua and North Hilo districts.

Those interested in participating but unable to attend may e-mail their concerns or comments to mikanehailua@co.hawaii.hi.us.

For more information, you may call Captain Mitchell Kanehailua at 775-7533 or stop by the Hāmākua police station.