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Ka’ū disturbance 04-20-11

Hawai’i Police Department
Ka’ū District
Captain Andrew Burian
Phone: 939-2520
April 20, 2011
Report No. C11010342

Media Release

A 19-year-old Ocean View man is in police custody and police are searching for two of his companions in connection with a disturbance in Ocean View on Wednesday afternoon (April 20).

At 2:30 p.m., Ka’ū patrol officers responded to a number of calls reporting a disturbance at Pohue Plaza in Ocean View.

Upon arrival, the officers observed 19-year-old Sitsiro Mongkeya holding a 30-year-old man against the glass window of a shop and attempting to hit him. Mongkeya’s swing missed the victim and broke the window.

Police investigation determined that Mongkeya and two companions had created a disturbance at the plaza and that a 43-year-old woman also has been assaulted when she tried to block them from entering one of the shops. The suspects had reportedly engaged in other types of disorderly behavior, including throwing a chair at a window and making obscene gestures.

Police arrested Mongkeya on suspicion of disorderly conduct, fourth-degree criminal property damage and two counts of third-degree assault. Police took him to Ka’ū Hospital for treatment of injuries to his foot he sustained when stepping on the broken glass.

Police continue their search for the other two suspects, who had left the scene before the officers arrived.