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One-Way School Traffic Suspended if Strike Occurs 04-03-01

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APRIL 3, 2001


There will be no one-way traffic pattern as usual on Waianuenue Avenue during the pre-school hours if public school teachers go on strike as scheduled Thursday (April 5, 2001).

The one-way makai pattern is usually in effect from 7:15 to 8 a.m. Mondays through Fridays when school is in session, then reverts to the usual two-way pattern after school convenes.

If the public school teachers walk out as planned, there will be no public schools open on Thursday and Friday. Therefore, traffic along Waianuenue will flow in a two-way pattern, said Sergeant Randy Apele of the Hawaii County Police Department’s Traffic Services Section.

If the teachers do not walk out and the schools remain open, Apele said, the one-way makai pattern will remain in effect.

Should the strike occur, some public schools may be reopened. And Apele said one-way traffic patterns on Waianuenue will resume if Hilo High School, Hilo Intermediate School or Hilo Union Elementary School reopens during the strike.

The Hawaii State Teachers Association has declared an impasse in labor negotiations with the State of Hawaii and has called for a strike at all public schools on Thursday.

Talks are continuing, however, and some state officials have indicated that progress toward a settlement has been made.

Apele said police will continue to issue traffic advisories to keep drivers informed of the situation.

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