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Phone scam 11-30-09

Hawai’i Police Department
Community Relations
Officer Patrick Menino Jr.
Phone: 961-2264
November 30, 2009

Media Release

The Hawai’i Police Department is warning the public about a possible telephone scam.

A Puna woman reported receiving a telephone call last week from a man who told her he was representing the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. He said the newspaper was looking for people who wanted to “give back” to the community by making donations. The woman’s caller ID indicated that the call was not from the newspaper. After she began to question the caller, he hung up the phone.

Police have confirmed that the newspaper is not soliciting donations.

The public is cautioned to be aware of fraudulent appeals for donations and advised to contact the named donation recipient to confirm that the person soliciting the funds is actually fund-raising on behalf of the recipient.