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Telephone scam 08-10-12

Hawaiʻi Police Department
Hāmākua District
Captain Richard Miyamoto
Phone: 775-7533


Media Release

Big Island police are warning the public about a telephone scam that appears to be targeting our elderly citizens.

The caller claims to be a relative and says he or she is in trouble in another state or country and needs money to get out of jail. To make the claim seem more believable, the caller may use the first name of the person answering the phone or of other family members. The caller then asks to have the money sent to a specific location, usually by Western Union or a similar service.

Police caution the public to verify a caller’s claims before sending any money and to never give any personal information to anyone over the telephone. Many of these scams originate from foreign countries, and, therefore, recovery of stolen funds for the victims is highly unlikely.