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Internet scam 09-24-08

Hawaii Police Department
South Hilo Patrol
Acting Captain Gregory Esteban
Phone: 961-2213
September 24, 2008

Media Release

The Hawaii Police Department is warning the public about a possible internet scam.

A Hilo couple selling puppies through an on-line classified service was called by a potential buyer. The buyer offered to mail a check for an amount that was much more than the selling price of the puppy. The sellers were then asked to cash the check, to deduct the price if the puppy and the cost of shipping, and to keep an extra $100 for themselves. The buyer wanted the sellers to send the balance of the check back to to the buyer.

The potential buyer also solicited personal information and used a hearing impaired telephone relay service to call the seller on numerous occasions.

Police caution the public not to respond to suspicious e-mails or phone calls, especially those requesting personal information. Police also advise that it is more than likely a scam any time someone asks a seller to cash a check for more than the asking price of an item and to send back the remaining funds.