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Telephone scam 09-25-12

Hawaiʻi Police Department
Kona Patrol
Sergeant Grad Elarionoff
Phone: 326-4646, Ext. 291


Media Release

Big Island police are warning the public about a telephone scam.

In the past two days, police received numerous calls, especially in the Kona Mauka area, reporting phone calls from someone posing as a Microsoft technician.

The caller claims he is calling to protect the victim from a computer virus, which he says may already be on the victim’s computer. The bogus technician instructs victims to log onto their computers and follow certain instructions.This can result in the caller gaining access to personal information on the computers. The caller also sometimes asks for credit card information.

Police have confirmed that Microsoft does not make such phone calls to customers.

Police caution the public not to give any information over the phone without first verifying the identity of the caller and the validity of the stated purpose of the call.